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Study Abroad

Study Abroad Program and English Language Studies

Medical and Engineering Specialties

American Health is an international medical education company that offers study abroad programs to the following types of students who want to experience a higher level of education in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand:

  • Medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and paramedics
  • Medical specialists and technicians such as radiologists, specialist nurses and occupational therapists
  • Non-medical students interested in engineering, IT, and basic and administrative sciences

Students will travel to their host country for intense English training for approximately 6-12 months followed by a degree program in an accredited university.

Three steps to obtaining a degree in another country

Step 1: English Training

Step 2: Conditional Acceptance into a Degree Program

Step 3: Final Acceptance into a Degree Program

Step 1: English Training

The first step towards a degree in another country is English proficiency. A certain level of English proficiency is needed to succeed in a degree program and to gain admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s program in the US. Typically, students are required to have a minimum 6.5 IELTS score or a minimum online TOEFL score of 80 at the time of application to these programs. Candidates are expected to test close to these scores before beginning an English training program.

All applicants will begin the process by taking an English exam to determine their level of listening, reading, and writing comprehension. It is expected that students have more than an intermediate level of English language skills. This expectation will ensure each candidate will have the best opportunity to ultimately succeed in a degree program, and not be held back by any lack of communication or understanding. English as a Second Language (ESL) training includes approximately 25 hours/week of grammar, reading, writing, and listening skills. Classes may also focus on technical language and course-specific dialect relevant a student’s chosen specialty. In order for students to maintain a student visa, it is mandatory to participate in a full time ESL program.

Step 2: Obtaining Conditional Acceptance

Obtaining conditional acceptance into a technical, bachelors, or master degree program is typically provided based on a student’s previous educational background and credentials, as well as a student’s English skill level. American Health will assist students in obtaining conditional letters of acceptance into their chosen degree program through affiliated universities and accredited educational facilities. Acceptance will be based on students successfully meeting English requirements and completing any prerequisite courses required by the school program.

Step 3: Obtaining an Advanced Degree

Students will obtain conditional acceptance from a degree program at the same time they receive acceptance into an English training (ESL) program, both before relocating to the United States. After relocating and studying English in the US and finishing any required prerequisites, students will receive final acceptance into the degree program. A degree program may take place in a university in a different state from where English training has taken place.

Courses of study available through the American Health Study Abroad Programs include a variety of specialties for medical and engineering students. These programs may result in a technical, bachelors, or master level degrees from an accredited university.

Courses of study include:

Medical Specialties

• Dentistry
• Pharmacology
• Nursing
• Radiology
• Lab Technician
• Medical Assistant
• Physical Therapy
• Health Science

Engineering Specialties

• Civil
• Architectural
• Electrical
• Nuclear
• Mechanical
• Biochemical
• Industrial