Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Industrial Park and Manufacturing Facility of Medical Supplies

American Health will establish in a customized industrial park where the highest quality medical products will be produced. Since the pandemic began has been asked by others in the Gulf States to plan for development of industrial complexes to produce needed medical supplies and equipment. The plan is to produce medical supplies, particularly Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) locally so that the region is dependent on no one other than itself to keep its citizens safe.

As a consequence, American Health plans to construct an industrial facility to manufacture all needed medical supplies within your own borders. Only by controlling production within in your borders can you avoid market fluctuations in pricing, global shortages, supply and logistic delays.

First responders, front line workers, health professionals and citizens all require massive quantities of personal protective equipment and hospital supplies daily. American Health is prepared to construct a large high-tech facility (within an overall industrial park) to produce all supplies needed and possibly extra which could be offered to further offset costs.

All at American Health are completely committed to dramatically improving the level of Healthcare standards worldwide. Our company is eager to deliver unparalleled care and Telemedicine throughout the GCC. This project would deliver the highest quality medical supplies to the people that most need them within your borders. This is a first of its kind project. American Health is confident in the potential of our programs and the vast healthcare benefits they will bring.

Think Globally, Buy Locally

The course of the past year has taught the world-wide medical community that no one can be sufficiently prepared in the face of a world-wide pandemic. While COVID-19 is, hopefully, a once in a lifetime experience, no one, particularly a government responsible to its citizens, can afford to be caught unprepared. American Health offers a simple solution: think globally but buy locally. If the past year has taught us anything, it is that we must be able to produce medical supplies locally so that no government needs to go to a foreign nation or entity hoping it can purchase sufficient Personal Protective Equipment.

American Health offers to construct a vast manufacturing facility of medical supplies that can produce in a single location enough PPE for the entire GCC region. Nitrile gloves, N95/KN95 (FDA and CE rated), hospital gowns, ventilators and the wide array of PPE can be produced locally so that no longer will the people be dependent on any foreign supplier of PPE. Vaccines can be produced so that the people can continue to live peacefully and without fear of contracting COVID-19 or other SARS-related virus. The days of PPE dependency
on China or even the West will be gone. All medical needs can and will be manufactured right under strict FDA and CE supervision. The vision is clear. American Health can help make that vision a reality.