Hospital Operations

Hospital Operations


Hospital Operation Management for new and existing hospitals and clinics using world-class international standards optimized as an efficient integrated health system in collaboration with the best medical centers in the United States. American Health’s team has extensive experience in delivering services for advanced hospital management. The services include all aspects that a hospital requires to function at its optimal level for quality healthcare. Our service can be customized from total integrated hospital management to selected departments and functions of the hospital. We have proven ongoing management capabilities with a track record illustrating major turnarounds in terms of service quality, efficiency and profitability, including:

  • Strategic Master Plan.
  • Facility management services including Day-to-Day Business Operation and best possible return on investment.
  • Implementation Quality Improvement, Patient safety standards, infection control and patient outcome-based model.
  • Administrative Management.
  • Turnaround Management.
  • Revenue Cycle Management.
  • Staff Management & Retention Programs.
  • Knowledge transfer to local team.
  • Hospital Branding and Marketing Strategy.
  • Assist hospitals with commissioning of totally new hospitals or clinics, provide professional assistance with planning, financing, staffing and commissioning of the facility to provide services that are accessible, clinically and culturally appropriate, timely and affordable.
  • Match local community needs for healthcare services and determine hospital desired outcomes.
  • Assure readiness of hospital building facility, including sustainable building technologies, building management systems, and healthcare technologies are installed and perform in accordance with the hospital intents.
  • Assign key expertise, C-suite and core operating staff based on the project’s timeline, in addition to recruiting of physicians and specialists in accordance with the hospital’s anticipated services lines and related needs.
  • During this pre-operational phases, American Health develops Hospital operating Policies and Procedures.
  • Implement Financial Controls/Processes, Pricing Strategy and agreement with potential insurance companies, private employers and government entities to provide healthcare services while ensuring prompt payments terms and ensuring positive cash flow.
  • Support hospitals in obtaining required local and international quality accreditations.

Who We Are....

AH & Partners have the World-class expertise & leaders from the most advanced healthcare systems in the world with C-suite experience across the healthcare delivery value chain. USA – Middle East – Asia

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