Smart Clinics

Smart Clinics

American Health is an organization dedicated to excellence in patient care.  We provide programs and courses to enhance the knowledge, skills and functions of health care professionals, ancillary support staff and organizations around the world, with the ultimate goal of advancing knowledge and improving health outcomes. Our international company has developed programs and courses designed to assist hospitals, physicians, nurses, paramedics, and others working with them to enhance their knowledge, skills, and credentials.  American Health has available a large cadre of clinical and healthcare experts in the United States who work with American Health in its programs in the Middle East and in the United States.  This includes quality development and hospital enhancement strategies that optimize a hospital’s potential to achieve Magnet Nursing Recognition, Joint Commission status, and optimal practice in specialty areas. American Health has also developed various unique programs solely for Emergency Medical Service professionals and leaders in the Middle East, including its accelerated certificate and internship Paramedic and EMT programs in the US, and its medical staff/executive healthcare professional leadership experience in New York.  There is also a comprehensive and extensive continuing medical education (CME) program and administrative development for physicians. As part of its focus on medical professionals and healthcare excellence, American Health’s recruitment division assists hospitals and healthcare facilities to recruit superior Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, EMT’s and healthcare professionals who will add to the institutions’ quality of care. Our mission is to assist hospitals and healthcare professionals globally to meet the highest standards of medical and patient care through providing comprehensive educational services and training, as well as serving as a resource for hospitals seeking to recruit superior staff, together generating optimal standards for improved patient outcomes.  These schools are happy to welcome international students and can offer conditional acceptance to potential students.

We also have a variety of services and many international, cross-cultural education programs at home and abroad including education programs for medical professionals worldwide, preparation for licensing exams, development and coordination of Service lines and Centers of Excellence, assessment & establishment of hospital operations, total quality improvement, operational management advisory services for hospitals and international medical professional staffing and recruitment.  We have a strong network of relationships with leading universities and hospitals throughout the United States, including Mt. Sinai, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Columbia, and others. We work with our US partners to design and deliver our programs in the Middle East, and to provide education, clinical and management experiences in the US for Middle Eastern professionals. American Health’s headquarters is located in Rockefeller Center, New York, United States. We also have branch offices in Dubai, Canada, New Zealand and KSA.  American Health has a strong leadership team of corporate and medical leaders.  Some of our leadership bios are attached here.  We have corporate alliances with MagnaCare and Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals with headquarters in Austin, Tx (  This web of connections gives us a hospital network of over 200 hospitals in the United States, thousands of providers and ready access to telemedicine, teleradiology and telepathology accessing the best of available healthcare in the United States.

Smart Clinic Concept Explained

American Health seeks to assist the GCC and Kuwait in taking substantial steps to revolutionize how healthcare is accessed and delivered in the Middle East.  In addition to bringing American style healthcare to the region we offer flexible, proven support to provide access to top hospitals and providers in the United States via extensive and responsive telehealth capabilities and when necessary to coordinates quality medical tourism services.  American Health is the right partner to make the launch and ongoing performance of innovative Smart Clinics a success. We are ready and poised to serve as your one-stop resource and administrator for your hospital operations,   network access, telehealth, and travel assistance needs.

With many years of experience, American Health achieves exceptional value for our clients and their patients through highly customized, hospital and clinic operations, innovative network, health plan, telehealth, and medical tourism solutions.  We understand the need to have a high-quality healthcare organization, with top level hospitals, surgeons, and providers, for patients globally who all require care American style health care. American Health networks are trusted by local, regional, national, and international TPAs, health systems, carriers, and payors for their patients and members. We have decades of experience offering access to our network based on client requirements, and are confident we can deliver network solutions that meet your specific requirements.

With 220,000+ provider locations in all specialties, and 200+ university and community hospitals in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Texas, the American Health network offers convenient provider locations wherever patients choose to seek care.  Extensive and reliable telehealth services are an important component of the support infrastructure needed for patients globally. American Health is an expert in working with our clients and health systems to stand up effective telehealth solutions.  Virtual telehealth specialists will be available to connect with complex patients and their local care team to offer expertise and guidance. If recommended procedures cannot take place locally, the virtual health specialists can refer patients to American Health network providers in the United States and connect them to our medical tourism experts for travel coordination. In addition, telehealth physicians can also provide second opinion support and provide    follow-up after care support virtually after procedures or care.

For hospital or medical center patients requiring in-person consultations with our leading network providers in the United States or medical procedures, we offer comprehensive travel and medical tourism assistance. We partner with a preeminent medical tourism firms, who continuously receives high marks for service and performance. Our experts specialize in facilitating the entire process to make it as seamless possible for the patient and family.  Like all of our services, medical travel assistance can be customized to support all unique needs.  Expert concierge representatives will ensure travel documents are in place, arrange medical transportation or book standard flights, make hotel reservations, coordinate ground transportation, provide 24/7 support through an information line, offer translation services, confirm appointments with providers, provide updates to family members, coordinate referrals to network providers as needed, assist with post-care accommodations, and much more.  Our goal is enhance how health care is accessed and delivered to globally.  American Health offers unmatched flexibility, a high performing network, relationships with outcomes-focused, quality vendors, and a level of personalized service that we believe is unprecedented in the industry. Working with our clients we can build a solution that addresses all medical access needs both locally and abroad that will contribute to high levels of satisfaction from patients, consultants, hospital and medical center staff.


American Health seeks to establish a customized Telemedicine Programs and Telemedicine Clinics or Smart Clinics to enable patients unparalleled comprehensive Healthcare from top American physicians at the best U.S. institutions and Hospitals via our Telemedicine Clinic on site at any location globally.  The facilities will offer American style emergent care on site and also through use of telemedicine the patients will have live access to the best doctors and hospitals real time and live in the United States.  We will also offer teleradiology and telepathology providing immediate access the best care available in the world.  When a medical emergency arises in the United States patients can now visit specialized highly modern walk-in clinics.  Over a decade ago these opened across the Country.  This changed the way people sought treatment in the United States and we are eager to bring this approach to the GCC.

Most people are familiar with the traditional hospital-based Emergency Room (ER), which offers 24-hour medical care from top-level physicians, year-round. They offer the skilled staff and technology to provide quality care in most situations. However, patients at traditional ER may find themselves waiting long hours if their visit is not life-threatening. ERs are not designed for routine illnesses, and patients are not always seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Also the patient generally cannot select a particular physician.   Walk-in clinics/urgent care clinics are outpatient clinics that treat most illnesses and injuries, but do not handle life-threatening conditions like chest pain, stroke, breathing difficulties, or severe bleeding. Because of these limitations, if the emergency is beyond the scope of their care, patients will be referred to a local ER. Most clinics also do not offer 24 hour/365 day service and are usually staffed by mid-level providers, such as nurse practitioners. Typically, these types of facilities offer care 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week.  People visit a walk-in clinic/urgent care clinic with non-life-threatening symptoms or problems:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Sore throat
  • Sprains
  • Animal bites
  • Flu symptoms
  • Minor burns
  • Broken bones
  • Minor injuries
  • Telepathology
  • Teleradiology
  • Mobile solutions

For the GCC we are offering to recreate facilities based upon this model but with some customization.  Patients will enjoy immediate access to American providers at our network of hundreds of America’s best hospitals and other experts in real time through telemedicine, teleradiology and telepathology.  Also, we will have onsite in Dubai an American style experience with trained professionals treating based upon American standards using the latest technology and equipment.  Care will be delivered in clean and beautiful settings offering immediate access to the best care available in the world.

Our proposed program will offer care in all specialties including:

  • Family Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Pediatrics
  • Endocrinology
  • Diabetic care
  • Allergy and Asthma treatment


  1. Exceptional Healthcare Professional team from America right at home in Dubai.
  2. Low cost compared to in-person healthcare costs.
  3. Faster appointment availability and Prescription fill times.
  4. Better one-on-one interaction with your Doctor.
  5. Proven track record with similar programs in the Middle East.
  6. Fast implementation of program.
  7. Top U.S. teaching and training institution support.
  8. Potential to take program nationwide – and global.
  9. Improving the clinical outcomes.
  10. Optimizing current clinical practice.
  11. Enhance patient experience.


  1. Doctors.
  2. Telemedicine Equipment and Software.
  3. Network of top US Healthcare Institutions.
  4. The Know-How: how to setup, start-up, and run a teleclinic.
  5. Run the Clinic Operations. Contact us for details.

Please contact us to customize a program to meet your uique needs