Chand Kau

Vice Chairman for American Health Academy

Chand, a key leader within the UK Healthcare Sector, with over 10 years experiences, being a Founder and Director for many leading Healthcare organisations within the United Kingdom and India. Chand has also served being a senior advisor, to many United Kingdom Government health boards contributing to Policy making and Decisions.


Chand is also, Chief Executive for PCOS Relief, an international Charity that support females globally, who has been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, by providing, education, resources, awareness, , information and women hygiene products. She has been able to raise awareness and conversation about this condition within the Scottish Parliament, Westminster, within UK Women Health Plan, and Parliament of India, Ministry of Health, and Family Welfare.


Chand is instrumental in establishing benchmarks, in terms of covering all aspects of Human Wellbeing, from working life, quality lifestyle, learning, training, safety, physical and working environment.


Chand is a member of the Scottish Parliament,