Vice Chairman Global Affairs American Health Group

Laila C. Erut Morinigo started her professional career at the national government of Argentina in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, being in charge of inter-institutions relationships and development of international strategies. In this position, she developed strong ties with high ranking political & business figures worldwide, for later creating the first privately owned enterprise to service & cater all needs of foreign authorities while in the national territory.

Ms. Erut Morinigo participates in the political life of Argentina, developing numerous non-profit projects which helps bring relief to the most needed sectors in the country. These philanthropy endeavors are centered in bringing basic education and occupational training to the lowest sectors of the society.

On 2012, she ventures into the medical world by representing CITIZEN Systems Japan, medical devices & calculators range, at their regional office in Dubai and covering all Middle East, CIS & Africa. She specializes in regulatory affairs, market development, strategic planning, sales operations, market analysis and advertising. Following this path, Ms. Erut Morinigo develops LíDocile Enterprises GmbH in Germany, spreading its specialty medical devices all across Europe & GCC, and building business relationships with the most prominent medical manufacturers from Asia region.

This journey led her to strongly grow ties with American Health, taking over multiple projects in MENA & Latin America region, organizing the international trading company branch, developing medical staff training programs, EMT examination digital systems, and helping position American Health as one of the top service providers worldwide.

Ms. Erut Morinigo graduated from her university degree in political science at the early age of 21 years old. Following a specialization doctorate at international relationships and a second university degree in sociology. Later, she graduated in international business management, with intensive training in strategy, marketing, innovation & finance. Since childhood her hobbies are martial arts training, spending time with her dogs, and investing in the stock market.