Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM


Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM

Vice Chairman of Cardiology

Harlan Krumholz serves as American Health’s Vice Chairman of Cardiology

Dr Krumholz is scientist at Yale University and Yale New Haven Hospital. He is the Harold H. Hines, Jr. Professor of Medicine and director of the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE). He is a leading expert in the science to improve the quality and efficiency of care, reduce disparities, improve integrity in medical research, and avoid wasteful practices.

Dr. Krumholz has been honored by membership in the National Academy of Medicine, the Association of American Physicians, and the American Society for Clinical Investigation. He was named a Distinguished Scientist of the American Heart AssociaUon and received their Clinical Research Prize. He founded the American Heart Association’s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Council and their annual conference. He was the founding editor of Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes; founding editor of Cardio Exchange, a social media site of the publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine; and a founding Governor of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. He served as a member of the Advisory Committee to the Director of the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Krumholz received the Friendship Award from the People’s Republic of China in recognition of his collaborative efforts to develop a national cardiovascular research network, and was named by the Chinese Society of Cardiology as a Top-10 Distinguished International Cardiologist for his contributions to the development of cardiovascular medicine in China.

Recent efforts are focused on harnessing the digital transformation in healthcare to accelerate knowledge generation and facilitate the delivery of care aligned with each patient’s needs and preferences. Dr. Krumholz leads the Yale University Open Data Access (YODA) Project, designed to increase access to clinical research data and promote their use to generate new knowledge. He is a co-founder of Hugo Health, a patient-centric platform to engage people as partners in research and facilitate the secure movement of digital health data. He is also a co-founder of medRxiv, a non-profit preprint server for the medical and health sciences, and co-founder of Refactor Health, an enterprise healthcare Al-augmented data management company.

Before joining the Yale faculty in 1992, Dr. Krumholz received a BS (Biology) from Yale, an MD from Harvard Medical School, and a Masters in Health Policy and Management (SM} from the Harvard University School of Public Health. At Yale, he directed the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars