American Health Leadership Academy Nursing

American Health Leadership Academy – Nursing

Nursing management is as much a nursing specialty as any specialty and requires specialty leadership skills.

(Source: Kathleen Sanford, Chief Nursing Officer for Catholic Health Initiatives in Denver, Colorado)

American Health believes how a leader handles himself or herself as well as how she or he works with others is the foundation for promoting positive patient care and outcomes in all clinical environments. Thus, American Health has partnered with expert faculty from Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City to provide nursing leadership programs on-site in the Middle East and abroad in the United States.

American Health guides this interdisciplinary leadership development in which nurses will be provided the opportunity to observe and develop highly successful leadership styles and participate in leadership education, both formally and in practice at their own institutions. The nursing leadership program is designed for regional nursing directors and nursing managers who may oversee clinical and administrative areas such as emergency care, surgery, nursing education, nursing informatics, quality, and nursing research.

The American Health Nursing Leadership program follows in this sequence:

STEP 1 » Nursing Leadership – 9 months

Certificate awarded


STEP 2 » Nursing Leadership Academy – 3 months

Department rotation inside a US hospital

Certificate awarded

Physician, nurse, and administrative leadership development is at the heart of quality improvement in hospital care.

There are many critical skills required of a department leader, the most basic of which included human resource assessments, budget development, data acquisition and analysis, report preparation and presentation, conflict resolution, and contract negotiations. Proficiency in communication and professionalism is fundamental.

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