Police Emergency Training

Police Emergency Training

American Health and its partners will provide a three-day course of training and certificate of participation to poliice officers coverage the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to immediate threats to life from injuries that cause bleeding and wounds to the chest that may impair breathing.


Tactical emergency medical first aid training (also known as tactical emergency casualty care, or care under fire) allows law enforcement professionals to effectively prevent death from major bleeding and torso injuries that may occur during a deadly force encounter.

Timely application of simple and effective hemorrhage control techniques and wound dressings allow officers to save lives in the minute after injury occurs.

Advances in combat medical techniques and police tactics allow officers to single-handedly treat themselves or others and prevent loss of life from major bleeding.

American Health offer an emergency medical first aid training curriculum specifically for police officers of designated law enforcement agencies.

3-day course of tactical emergency first aid for police officers. Our program will be overseen by the Ohio Tactical Officers Association (OTOA) a leader in advocating for the provision of tactical emergency first aid training for police officers across the United States. The OTOA will provide training oversight and a certificate of completion to each officer attending the course.

Each participant will be taught three emergency care skills:

  • How and when to apply a combat application tourniquet to stop bleeding
  • How and when to use hemostatic dressing and wound packing to stop bleeding
  • How and when to apply vented chest seals to torso trauma